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About Us

Established for over 20 years, Just Bandits is the number one supplier of Suzuki Bandit motorbike parts in the UK. Suzuki Bandit and GSX1400 bike parts and accessories are a Just Bandits speciality.

All in-stock items are dispatched direct from our UK warehouse.


Identify My Bandit

If you are unsure of which model you are purchasing for here are a few differences so you can decipher between them:


Early Model Bandit

Suzuki Bandit

Early Model Bandit - Key Identifying features:

  • Cable Driven Speedo
  • Twin Grab Handles
  • Rear Footrest Hangers Welded To Sub Frame (600 Only)

K-Model Bandit

Suzuki Bandit

K-Model Bandit - Key Identifying features:

  • Single Rear Grab Handle
  • Electronic Clocks
  • Needles Sweep Face Of Clock When Ignition Is First Switched On
  • Straight Top Frame Rail (Under Petrol Tank)

650 ¨C 1200 (K6) Oil Cooled

Suzuki Bandit

650 – 1200 (K6) Oil Cooled:

  • Digital Numerical Speedo Read-out
  • 1200 – Front engine casings are alloy (silver)
  • 1200 – Polished engine fins
  • 600 is now a 650 engine
  • Both have seats in two halves, front can be adjusted

650 ¨C 1250 (K7 Onwards) Water Cooled

Suzuki Bandit

650 – 1250 (K7 Onwards) Water Cooled:

  • New water cooled motor
  • Has much larger radiator
  • Completely different engine look

GSX1250FA Model (2010 onwards)

Suzuki Bandit

Early Model Bandit - Key Identifying features:

  • Has a full fairing - similar in style to the smaller GSX650F.